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The Watchful-I was a client of mine when I ran Bright Ideas Software. For this client, I developed their anonymous violence reporting system. The system is an integration of web and IVR (Integrated Voice Response) technologies, which allow a user to be able to anonymously report on an event from a standard web browser or from any touch-tone phone. The application is fully configurable and customizable, and was designed from inception to be multilingual.

I was the technical lead, and designed the system that would be used for the hosted solution. I managed the development team as well as the entire software development life cycle. I identified and selected the IVR partner solution (Big Sky), and then identified the hosting partner (Verizon) and built out the hosting environment in the Verizon data center in Carteret, NJ. I was also responsible for configuring and maintaining the Windows and Linux-based SaaS software and hardware platforms.

I designed and developed the web site for the Watchful-i. I did 100% of the HTML, JavaScript and CSS programming for the site. I was responsible for setting up the hosting environment, installed/configured the web site and configured the DNS.

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