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This responsive web site was built for users to be able to listen to the audio portion of a recent presentation on "The Physiology of the Effects of Therapeutic Heat on the Body". Additionally, the client wanted site visitors to be able to download a transcript of the presentation as an Adobe PDF file.

This project required that a web site be constructed that would be accessible from the leading mobile devices and web browsers. The challenge was that Pfizer's sales force still uses IBM ThinkPad's with IE 7.

To satisfy the audio playback requirements, I used JPlayer: an open source JavaScript media library. Because of the multiple browser and mobile device requirements, the JPlayer audio implementation was not straight forward, and required considerable tweaking in order to get the audio playback to work reliably across modern and legacy browsers. Another challenge that needed to be overcome was to use the proper codec and provide the correct media encoding for the various audio file formats so they world play correctly across the different browser types.

Finally, the site utilizes Google Analytics so that we can track various advertising and media campaigns, as well as track site utilization from the various mobile device platforms.

For this project, I did 100% of the HTML, JavaScript and CSS programming. I was responsible for setting up the hosting environment, installed/configured the web site and configured the DNS. I also did all of the mobile device and cross browser testing, QA and Google Analytics.

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