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I developed the first EVERSANA Alexa Skill to be certified and published by Amazon. The skill is freely available to anyone with an Amazon Alexa–enabled device (such as the Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show). Once installed, a user can utilize the skill to learn about EVERSANA, its senior leadership, its locations, and even “fun facts” about the organization!

As with any new and disruptive technology, the EVERSANA Overview Alexa skill was an important "first step" in establishing EVERSANA's expertise in the voice assistant marketplace. According to MarketWatch, "The global voice assistant market is anticipated to the valuation of approx. USD 7.8 Billion by the year 2023."

My developing and publishing this Alexa Skill allowed EVERSANA to firmly "plant its flag" in this new technology space and can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers who have developed their own voice-enabled applications, as well as help lead the way for existing and potential clients who are just beginning to explore this space.

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