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Training is a continuous and an evolving part of our culture, and it is important. Our industry is specialized: you don’t graduate with a degree in Managed Markets. That’s why we created EVERLearning (formerly "TAG University"). We established monthly “lunch and learns” where our own internal experts could share their knowledge with the organization. These presentations are intentionally kept to 30-40 minutes and are followed by a Q&A session. The presentations are converted into videos, and then made available on our company Intranet as both refreshers and for anyone who was unable to attend the live session.

I have developed and delivered numerous EVERLearning sessions, and have innovated several micro-learning initiatives that leverage drip content delivery and gamification.

I managed the process of capturing the live "Lunch & Learn" sessions, editing and deploying these training sessions to our corporate Intranet and Learning Management System (LMS). I worked closely with the various teams within the organization to ensure a seemless development and deployment process.

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