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While at D2 TEAM-Sim, I took over the design and maintenance of the company web site. We did not have a dedicated webmaster, and it always became a challenge to get web site updates made, or to keep content current, so I took ownership of the site and the associated social media components.

Actually, before I took ownership, there were no social media components to the web site, so I created accounts for Twitter, Facebook and even created a blog. I also was responsible for creating the majority of pages for the web site, and writing the site copy. As new projects were completed, I solicited site copy from the associated project manager, and updated the web site. I was responsible for updating the various social media sites as well.

The site utilizes Google Analytics so that we can track various advertising and media campaigns, as well as track site utilization from the various mobile device platforms.

I did 100% of the HTML, Flash, JavaScript and CSS programming. I implemented a video player on various site pages, to showcase work that we had done for various clients. I was responsible to encoding the video so it would play correctly within the site's video player.

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